What the Heck is Snoratorium?

So I was reading the April issue of House Beautiful and I came across a new nugget of design information that piqued my interest as the other half of a couple. According to designer Tom Sheerer, the hottest new trend is to have a snoratorium built connecting to the master bedroom.  The purpose of this mini sleep chamber is to provide a sanctuary for the quieter partner, or a place of exile for the snorer (or even a spouse with sicky germs). With motorized window shades installed in the room, you can easily control how much light comes in and you can rest or sleep better.

I like the idea of a little niche in the eaves like the one pictured above, if there is space in the home. But what do you think of building a room just for this purpose? Is it well spent square footage? Or is the snorer better off being booted to the guest room or the recliner in the den?

My husband (who does snore sometimes) appreciates this concept.  To him, it seems less offensive to relocate to a dedicated, personal space rather than the living room sofa. Of course, we happen to be snugglers so we can’t sleep in separate beds anyway. We just have to suffer through the nasal noises. However, I’m amazed by how many couples sleep in separate rooms for their own peace and sanity. Maybe the snoratorium will catch on.

What do you think?