Simply Stated…

“Objects are important. They reflect and shape our identity. They influence our moods and inform our interactions with the world around us. Objects are the tools that bring meaning to our daily rituals, and living with objects we love can make us happy. When well designed, they survive year after year and age with grace. We seek out simple, beautiful, and functional products from around the world, with a lasting aesthetic that transcends short-lived trends, and the designers we work with are all operating on a similar plane.”

Anne Seally  –  creative visionary behind TASK

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Surrounding yourself with beautiful objects–whether they be stones and leaves found on a walk or lamps & soap beads found in Anne Seally’s lovely store TASK is so vitally important.  The idea that you can feed your creative soul while doing something as everyday as flicking on a light or washing your hands delights me.

Imagine the balm applied to your creative soul day after day… from simply plunking your keys down onto this beautiful little tray of made of leather & linen designed in 1947 by ceramicist Stig Lindberg.    Your life and mood would have to be better for it.  A lovely life…made up of a series of ordinary little events steeped in beauty.