Bursting to get out!


As we transition from Crazy Hot Summer to Tolerably Warm Fall here in Austin, we tend to burst outside as if surfacing from a deep dive. We gulp in the fresh air and revel in the teeniest cool breeze. It begs the question – how do we bring that gorgeousness inside when we can’t be out? Our sizzling summers require protection from the horrendous heat so living in a tree fort remains an aspiration. But what about these options for creating indoor/outdoor living spaces?


Walls Optional. Consider removing a wall/window/door in favor of a pivoting glass structure, such as this one designed for the Operable Boundary Townhouse by Dean/Wolfe (which cameoed in my previous post). To do something like this, you’ll need to consult an architect for design + construction support, to make sure it’s going to function correctly.


This table keeps the party going… and is a simple sculptural element linking the interior with the exterior when no one is at table.


A glass garage door will be a more reasonably priced option to bring outdoors in. Donkee House posts: Garage doors can become a stunning and refreshing industrial element in the home combining function and beauty. Take a look at their post here for other examples of glass garage doors used as walls.


Engawa House by Tezuka Architects

Common in traditional Japanese homes but now rare in Japan – the Engawa is a narrow space that serves as a transition space between the indoors and outdoors.


Megumi Sekiguchi writes of engawa: “The external corridor is used as the main relaxation area in Japanese tradition. They enjoy tea, external views, smells, winds, and birds’ song and so on… That is always a question that what makes people comfort. In fact, I have external corridors in my house in Japan. I believe that the nature is the one which only can comfort/ relax human beings.”

Enjoy the coming cool!

~ Sue Lambe