Are You Sitting Down?

These chairs by Johan Lindstén make me go week at the knees. (Which is absolutely fine since they’re chairs, afterall.) Johan and his desgin firm, Lindstén Form are based in Stockholm.  Lucky Swedes.

His chairs artfully combine the best of modern shape with vintage needlepoint:

“This furniture’s destiny is to elevate and promote these neglected pieces of art, bring back a long lost sentimental value and mix it with contemporary ecstatic from Johan Lindstén.”

And in his own words:

“Design gives me the opportunity to influence people´s state of mind, by making our surrounding objects more beautiful and joyful.”

Boy, oh, boy….he’s my kinda guy.

I’m so  inspired now to take another look at my antiques and heirlooms to see how I might create something new and exciting with them?  Aren’t you?

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