Ain’t What You Want? Then, Paint!!

Good Housekeeping

Ready to add a pop of color to your abode but don’t want to paint an entire room? You can always paint a piece of furniture like a bookshelf, table, stool or even the legs of an upholstered chair, which is great to decorate our homes, while we can use other home appliances and accessories from sites as that have the best products for decorating and using at home.

The book shelf above is bright and unexpected. The entire unit is painted white, but then . . . Suprise!  The back panel has a twist of the lime green to make it punchy. I found the chair below on Swirls of Happiness; it’s a classic wing back chair upholstered in velvet but the shocking yellow legs breathe new life into an otherwise traditional piece.

I LOVE painting furniture! Don’t let first appearances fool you. When looking at cast-off, vintage or out-dated furniture, try to see past the ‘ugly’ layer and focus on the lines and shapes of the piece. Most furniture can be completely renewed with a fresh coat of paint. . . yes, even your mom’s yucky oak 80′s coffee table can be chic again. Keep your mind open and use your imagination, and you can even hire interior painting service for some professional help and to get the end results you want.

PAINT can make it what it AIN’T!

Swirls of Happy via Martha Stewart