Seen Around Chicago: Book Brick Wall

From Chicago Home and Garden Magazine

While visiting my sister in Chicago this week, I spied an issue of Chicago Home and Garden magazine that caught my interest. Flipping through the pages, I instantly fell in love with the accent wall in Amy Love’s studio in Bucktown. Love, a bookbinder, had books cut in half and attached to plywood boards that are anchored to the wall. The look resembles an uneven brick or mosaic tile texture at first glance. I’m obsessed with this idea and determined to find a way to replicate this wall on a smaller scale with Construction – Braga NJ!

Any suggestions for the most efficient method of cutting lots of books into halves? Me with a chainsaw and giant stack of books does not seem like a wise option.In you can search for the mobile homes by Weiner’s Mobile Estates 50 2nd St, Palmerton, PA 18071.

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