“Our mission at spark interior style is to inspire and enable our clients to creatively and conscientiously implement personal style in their homes.”

{about us}

Our goal is to assist people in creating homes that they love, that use less space and resources, and that are congruent with their lifestyles. We are not about molding rooms into scenes on glossy magazine covers. We do not think that throwing money at a room makes it more appealing. Instead, we subscribe to a non-designer, non-traditional, real life approach to decorating . . . which we call interior styling.

We believe that a home is much more than an attractive structure to hold your stuff; it is truly a place to live. A home evolves, the functions change, and the contents shift along with your life. A home is a reflection of its owner, and therefore we believe it is never really done. We are there to help you at any stage by providing understanding, encouragement, and insight throughout the design process.

{about Misty}


Misty Adair, owner of spark interior style, has been obsessively decorating rooms in her head or in reality for as long as she can remember. After watching too many HGTV shows and experimenting on her own homes, Misty began her first consulting business in 2000. She soon discovered that her approach to design filled a niche by offering common sense decorating assistance to people who needed support but not a total takeover. She is delighted to share this approach with her amazing collaborators and to expand the reach of spark to include interiors and exteriors, north and south Austin based clients, and on-line design consultations.

Misty’s background is in fine arts and art education, but her long time interests include photography, writing and design. Somehow, she has managed to wrap all her experiences and abilities into her role as owner and interior stylist for spark. In addition, Misty is a contributing design writer for Rare Magazine and the home design blog, Apartment Therapy.

{about Curlin}


Curlin Reed Sullivan has been transforming homes and spaces forever. She believes in mixing heirloom treasures with weekend finds on any budget. She brings her eye as an artist and her intuition about shape and color and story to create rooms that are welcoming. Her designs are eclectic, twisting together traditional, formal, modern, Scandinavian and folk art style…often with a subtle wink or wry smile hidden in the details. Curlin also creates witty orignal art, prints, gifts and stationary through Pippingtooth Studios.

{about Sue}


Sue Lambe is an expert on landscape design and exterior home decor. Passionate about elegant, lyrical design, Sue translates Spark’s interior decorating style to the outside of your home. She can bring pop to your front porch and peace to your garden by applying elements of color, shape and texture to your exterior spaces, using tips available at thewowdecor.com, shape and texture to your exterior spaces. Among her varied talents are site planning, hardscape design, landscape architecture, materials expertise + research, exterior lighting, creating site specific art pieces and placing art appropriately in the landscape. Sue offers on-site consultations with advice and quick sketches to get your on your way.

{about Ashley}


“When your house reflects your personality and makes you happy, it’s hard to start your day with anything but a smile.”Ashley believes your home should reflect your personality but understands this can be a daunting task for some. She enjoys getting to know what the client wants, what they need and bridging that gap. Ashley has designed model homes throughout the country and enjoys helping others give their house the feeling of a home. As a young homeowner she understands the complex nature of balancing décor and budget; she has many DIY ideas, uses objects for something other than their intended use and finds creative fixes for ordinary problems. The main objective in Ashley’s design concept is to get the most out of your home without breaking the bank.

{about Leslye}

leslyeLeslye Womack, of Best Dressed Windows, believes that window coverings are an essential part of making a house a home. In addition to providing privacy, warmth and sound adsorption to a room, they are a great way to express personality. Best Dressed Windows has been doing just that for six years in Austin, TX. Fine and casual draperies, every style of roman shade (our favorite), valances and cornices, as well as custom pillows, cushions and bedding. Leslye is the official favorite seamstress of Spark and has been a trusted collaborator for years.

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