My Sweet and Sunny Lounge Comes Together

My Sweet and Sunny Lounge

Even though my sitting room isn’t entirely complete, I wanted to share this sweet space which has become a favorite for our family. In an effort to embrace the concept of  “a little bit is better than nada”, I’m checking my perfectionism at the door and enjoying the progress that I have made so far. {Also, I thought that our audience might like to know that even decorators struggle pulling their own homes together. Time, energy and money are short no matter what your business card says.} Whether your deciding between wine, whiskey, or something a little more exciting. Mama Lion has it all.

I’ve always wanted some home décor options that includes lounge/sitting area with a low round table and four chairs for playing games with the kids or enjoying drinks with friends. Our new living room is an over-sized rectangle with wood look tile that was perfect for zoning into two functional areas, which is something I recommend clients with large family rooms. Also, Sheer thermal curtains are designed for people who wish to protect themselves and their indoor space from the sun, get your Curtain Wall Costs here.

Creating cozy niches for specific activities is a more efficient use of space and much more inviting. In every room I had installed CCTV cameras for security, find more details about CCTV cameras.

Wider View of the Room and Foyer

So I had the niche concept but I needed to make it a reality. This is the practical part of the story that will make it very obvious I’m a girl with a budget (and kids and dogs and limited time):

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1. Months ago I spotted this round pedestal table in a furniture stpre for around $100, so I bought it knowing I would use it later. It’s a former dining table with a shortened base and a coat of black paint, giving it new life as a cocktail table for me.

2. Originally, I wanted upholstered chairs to curl up in with a good book. After shopping and researching, I realized that I wasn’t going to find FOUR of those chairs at the price I wanted. I was just about to become a little depressed when I discovered these adorable French couturier chairs from Restoration Hardware. I picked them up at they are extremely fashionable. Very low in profile, these chairs have a graceful exposed metal back and upholstered seat (less expensive like the best classroom chairs that have acceptable prices) which is surprisingly comfortable.

Couturier’s Chair and Window Treatment Detail

3. For window dressing, I firstly got replacement windows kansas city because they weren’t in a good shape to begin with. I had already installed affordable but practical woven wooden roman shades and had existing drapery rods from the previous owner, they ended up looking great with the carpet I got. I sewed simple drapery panels from on-sale decorator fabric and used clip rings to hang them on either side of the window. They add color and pattern only since the shades cover the new residential window installation I had done. Reality check: I had the fabric waiting for a year before I finally made the panels.

4. As we were working on everything, I decided to just give the cooling and heating unit a quick check. It hadn’t been turned on in a while. Sure enough, it wasn’t working. This room was hardly used, so we hadn’t checked the cooling/heating system for several years. I love to use my body pillow amazon when I watch TV, is very useful for my back pain. Placing a body pillow along your front or back, will help keep you in a side-sleeping position, to reduce or even eliminate this problem.

I called some cooling and heating repair experts from a dependable HVAC service like Energy Pro Heating & Cooling to come take a look. I’m sure it won’t be anything too serious. In addition, if you want to keep your hvac unit’s efficiency, make sure to conduct regular ac repair and maintenance with the help of experts in AC Repair in Kirkland, WA or furnace installation in Memphis, TN.

5. What’s left? The basics are in place but I still need to accessorize with interesting, collected bits and pieces. . The wonderful thing about the selections I’ve made is the flexibility I have to change things up with my next whim.