Treasure Trove from Round Top Antique Market 2011

Vintage Treasures from Round Top Antique Shopping

Most people have heard of Round Top, either for the famed pie or the endless antique fairs. If you have never experienced a trip to the Round Top area antique markets, then I highly recommend it for all treasure seekers. It’s really almost impossible to explain the mass of roadside tents and giant barns brimming with collectors from all over the country. After spending 3 days trolling the markets, I barely scratched the surface.

For me, this sort of non-stop shopping and hunting is “fun”. I love trying to figure out what odd gadgets were meant for and hearing stories about unique pieces from their vendors. I found someone selling handcrafted sea life bottle art. I have never seen it before. It seems it is available, I just had never heard of it. It makes for pretty neat decorations, and they’re pretty varied, so you’re bound to find one right for you and where you want to place it.

The range of characters you meet and the variety of objects you find at an event like this is extraordinary. Want to see some of my treasures? I came home with jadeite salt and pepper shakers, silverware, a Fiestaware tea pot, a 1940′s bird vase, a blue train case, a brass cracker box, a 1950′s black globe, an aqua bread box, a wire bingo spinner and perhaps most unexpected, a vintage fur wrap. All of these things will be integrated into my kitchen or decorative vignettes around my house (which I”m always changing). As for the fur wrap. . . I’m just waiting for a day cool enough to justify wearing it.

My beloved jadeite salt & pepper shakers, for only $30!

The primary antique shows in Round Top, TX are in the spring and the fall. However, there are many antique stores in the small towns clustered around Brenham and some other fairs through the year. The next antique show is at the Big Barn January 14-15, 2012. If you plan to attend the largest markets in September and April, I suggest taking several days to explore and booking reservations at a nearby B&B far in advance. Expect to find more than shopping, like music at cafes and happy hour parties hosted by shops. Happy hunting!