Modernizing a Vintage Bespoke Furniture and Radiator Cover

Vintage Secretary with Leaded Glass Doors

What piece of furniture is actually scaled to properly fit in a small entry way? Usually, a console table or a bench is the first choice. But what about a slim secretary desk instead? It provides the perfect hidden storage for mail, keys and other things, in addition to display shelves for the prettier things. soilscienceconference for information related to civil engineering and architecture.

I found this vintage oak secretary and decided to give it a new life for a modern family. We had it painted a pale blue gray and changed out the hardware to oil rubbed bronze cup pulls from Restoration Hardware. Although, I love the leaded glass, it had just a little too much of an antique feel. We had it replaced with clear beveled glass, but I plan to repurpose the leaded glass later.

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Don’t overlook the perfect piece just because the exterior might seem dated. Size, scale and function of the furniture is much more important.

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