The “Unexpected” from Jeffrey Alan Marks

Rowboat in Jeffrey Alan Mark’s Bedroom via Bravo

If Kathryn Ireland has color, Jeffrey Alan Marks has flair. Another designer featured on Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators, Marks says that he tries to add an element of surprise to every room. After seeing his master bedroom with the vintage Abercrombie & Fitch rowboat suspended from the ceiling, I was hooked. Expecting more “unexpected” details, I went on a search for inspirational images.

Jeffrey Alan Marks via Bravo

An over-sized suit of armor? Yes, that is unexpected. In the second image, a rustic stool and tree stump table are placed with a graceful, feminine chair. This creates a more subtle surprise, but it’s still out of the ordinary and fresh. You may not be able to snag a knight to spruce up your room, but you can play with the contrast of formal and natural elements to add personality.

Jeffrey Alan Marks via Elle Decor

Once again, there’s a contrast of furnishings in the casual room above. Tailored chairs are paired with a retro green ottoman for a cozy seating area. An industrial table is used behind a classic sofa as a desk, now there are best sit stand desk for the ease of needs of the home or office.I love the glass topped vintage stool and the huge wire basket for cast-off newspapers (so much better than a plastic recycling bin). For more of Mark’s vintage picks, see this feature on 1st Dibs.

Jeffrey Alan Marks via Bravo

Finally, the simplicity of this vignette is its most unexpected aspect. The stunning picture window becomes a work of art framed by lemon yellow chairs and a crisp game table. That’s it, but it’s enough.

So, I’ll keep watching Jeffrey to see if he has any more surprises beyond the upside down rowboat (which I adore). Besides, Jeffrey and his boyfriend are pretty.