Nighmare on Any Street, USA

RIP, Raggedy Ann and Andy. Poor dolls.

In honor of Halloween, today we are sharing some haunting home decor images. Most of these images are pulled from actual (shiver) real estate photos via Hooked on Houses. This is what happens when your worst nightmares come true and well intended “creative” decorating takes an evil turn. If you are living in the horror of  clashing textile patterns, peeling wallpaper or an infestation of furry animals (not living) or dolls. . . please march straight to the phone and call us.

Otherwise, comfort yourself with the knowledge that you don’t live in one of these rooms and if you are planning on renovating to make an investment, also with turnkey rental property investment definition you can learn the best moves for you and your investment opportunities.

Lions and Bears and Tiger, Oh My!

These dolls are more scary than sweet. . .

Basement Bathroom with Red Carpet

{Unfortunately, I experienced this bathroom firsthand and we had to call a professional but thankfully it was just for, Common Plumbing Services needs so they got there fast and fix it easy. It is in the basement of a friend’s family home. And yes, there is red carpet on the floor. Carpet in the bathroom is enough to send me screaming, but along with the village scene wallpaper it’s just too much. }