Fun with Modge Podge Never Ends

Do you know what’s really fun? It’s having your old projects just pop up and surprise you. Today, my friend Rachel, a writer for Craft, clued me in on something that hit her crafty radar. My DIY tutorial for wallpaper decals has surfaced again! This was a post on Apartment Therapy last year, but apparently it is still making the rounds . . . which makes me happy. Even better, people adapted the idea to create their own versions using scrapbook paper and/or liquid starch.

The blog that picked up my tutorial? Modge Podge Rocks! And it does. On this blog you can find all sorts of ideas and tips for using the classic paste. It just never gets old . . . using Modge Podge, I mean. The actual stuff does get old and sticky if you really neglect it, so start using it now. But if you aren’t into Modge Podge, I recommend , I heard they are great with entertainment and fun things to do with your family.